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Salon Marketing University Subscription

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Full access to all 3 courses. Cancel anytime. "The training videos offered a wealth of information on how to get featured on the first page on Google, choosing the right keywords for SEO optimizat...


Salon Profit Circle

$7.00 USD

The Salon Profit Circle is a 5-video mini-course that lets you look over my shoulder at the client retention strategy we use in our salon, to get first time clients to book their second appointment...


Salon Marketing Blueprint

$147.00 USD

I will teach you how the steps to dominate Google search in your area. This includes:  Creating a Wordpress website from scratch. Optimizing the website so it ranks in Google search. Opti...


Facebook Ads Academy

$147.00 USD

If you want to grow your salon clientele in 6 months or less, this course is going to help you do it. You will learn how to effectively strategize Facebook offers, ads, and how to target your audie...


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